Crab Hunt


Not only does Crab Hunt let you keep count on your crab hunting adventures, but swipe left to access all of these features:

-Connect with Facebook and Twitter! Share with your friends.
-Constant stream of user activity on our Activity tab
-Follow other users
-Message and interact with other crab hunters
-Read crab hunting tips in our “Crab Tips” section
-View map of other users around you

Use Crab Hunt to count how many crabs you can find at the beach! Crab hunting is great for any Spring Break or vacation and we wanted to make a way for you to be able to keep up with those pesky critters.

So challenge your friends and split up in teams to see who can find the most crabs or just use it for fun by yourself.

Crab Hunt also has a built in light so you keep count while using your iPhone light to see the crabs!